RICHAIR2030 at WOS3, Berlin
A joint presentation by TAKE2030 (London) and c-base (Berlin)
During the Wizards of OS3 conference and exhibition in Berlin (June, 2004), c-base builds a community network using ad-hoc routing protocols around Alexanderplatz and along the route to c-bases crushed space station situated by the river Spree. The ad-hoc networking mode of wireless interfaces mobilizes an instant relay network community who share the available public bandwidth in a peer to peer environment. Each participating computer is a wireless node offering datatransport to all other nodes that request it. Every node is aware of every node and has connection to the whole network. The meshnetwork, developed by DIY open source geeks and free networkers, could realize a self-organized people network infrastructure and create the possibility of parallel network structure. RICHAIR2030 taps into the meshnetwork with its roaming roller girls and reprogrammed OLSR lunchboxes.

MAPPING THE meshnetwork-
Adam Burns-
Bruno randolf- meshnetwork topology

BEAT UP THE SIGNALS with music by Hackbert, Seda and Ivanka.
OLSR/Linux programming: Elektra
Very special thanks to: Sven Wagner

photo documentation
antenna setup at WOS3
BEAT UP THE SIGNALS party at c-base
richair2030 at WOS3