Street performance: St. Enoch Square, 5-9-2004
Sound System by Ray-Mundo wind+solar powered 1KW 12V system

Sound performance: Arches, 5-09-2004

Workshop: freenetwork-DIY antenna workshop at CCA (Center for Contemporary arts) , 5-10-2004

RICHAIR2030 calls for public participation in freenetwork movement - its ideas of open distributed wireless network and its DIY and open source application in hard and software construct. Recalling early days of freenetworkers's handmade antenna building session, we will take the opportunity of the workshop get together to review the current state of freenetwork movement. In this time of Telecom's expansion of city hotspots and the accessibility of inexpensive consumer wifi products, RICHAIR2030 calls for sustainable local and self-organized network building. share and consume, be engaged, be involved. We encourage your participation with your laptops and wifi cards.