By the year 2030, Kazakhstan would be a Central-Asian Snow Leopard. By the year 2030, the bandwidth of connectivity would be safeguarded in the final holdout of freenetwork nodes while the masses are fed on garlic rich air.

Invited by Zone of Urgency (curated by Hou Han Ru) at Venice Biennale 2003, RICHAIR2030 sets up a omni-directional antenna on the rooftop of Arsenale, transmitting the bandwidth out of the exhibition hall, In an effort to advocate shared bandwidth, RICHAIR2030 travels through Venice city limits requesting access, marking B (for bandwidth), G (for garlic) and PoP (Point of presence)

RICHAIR2030 is part of London freenetwork community.
In venice: Ilze Black, Alexei Blinov, Shu Lea Cheang, Giovanni D'Angelo, Paul Khera, Agnese Trocchi. Mesh network technology supported by LocustWorld. Funded by Arts Council England.

for bandwidth
for garlic
point of presence