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TAKE2030 is a brave new media society with multiple research +development+action units. TAKE2030 operates in parallel net media scheme and shifts the social media mission into hypermedia playing fields.

Broadway Market porta-porters
Samantha Jayne Hulston
Hasan Chetin and Broadway Wine
Rebecca Grant and Spirit Family
Barley Massey and Fabrications
Magdalena Lemanczyk and Gossip
Louise Brewood and Blooming Weezie
Jay J Sayshun and SevenSeven
Vanessa Wildman and family
Betty Shanks and Arthur Shuter
The Eel with Tony Collins and Adam Wright

in collaboration with
Barly Massey / Fabrications
Alan & Clare Bond / SevenSeven
Hidir Dogan / Broadway Fish Bar
Gursel-Kulahlilar / Broadway Wines
Ismail Yesiloglu / Broadway Gents Hair Styling
Yusuf Dogan / Broadway Cafe
Magdalena Lemanczyk /Gossip
Allan Bairstow and Sebastian Fieril / The film shop
F. Cooke / F.Cooke Live Eels
Henry Tidiman / H. Tidiman Butchers
Percy Ingle
S Mahmood / Bradbury Hardware
Louise Brewood / Blooming Weezie
Spirit / Nutricious Food Gallery
Off Broadway / Rupert and Steven Selby

Porta-pack network system: Hivenetworks/Raylab
developed with Vlad Grafov, Will Hall, Chia-Liang Kao, Bruce Simpson

Porta-pack design : Vexed Generation

Graphic/web design : Kunal Anand
Interface programming : Dmitry Shalnof
Documentation : Pascal Dupoy & Xavier Faltot

Special thanks to:
Yilmaz De mix, De metria, John Barker, Juta Haider, Haness Haumds, Anja Kirschner, Kaffe Mattews, Hannes and Maja , Mark Maurison, De nizhan Ozer, Tony Platia, Ben Seymor, Silke, Gini Simpson, Slava, David Stanton, Marina Vishmidt

TAKE2030 are Ilze Black, Alexei Blinov and Shu Lea Cheang

PORTA2030 is funded by Arts Council England with support of SPACE
TAKE2030Server support: Waag Society




PORTA2030 is a performative urgency network excercise with porta-porters by take 2030